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Education - Teachers' Tour

Teachers' Tour 2016
For information about our next South Carolina Teachers' Tour and the Application, click the above link.

The workshop portion will be held June 14-16, 2016 [Tuesday-Thursday] at Harbison State Forest, Columbia, SC.

The 4-day Tour will be held June 20-23, 2016 [Monday -Thursday] in Newberry and surrounding areas.
See more info about the Tour on the South Carolina Forestry Commission website HERE. 

Visit the SC Teachers' Tour Facebook page for more photos and fun from past years!

The Sustainable Forestry Teachers' Tour course syllabus for three hours graduate credit includes schedule, activities, assignments, and grading procedures.


SC Teachers' Tour

The SC Teachers’ Tour is a project of the SC Forestry Foundation. Selected teachers are given a first-hand experience of the woods and mills of South Carolina. They see how our society and economy depend on forest resources and learn about sustainable forest management. Key topics include forest management; emphasizing sustainable forestry, ecosystem management and bio-diversity; wildlife conservation, including endangered species protection, forest product production, including harvesting and processing into products, and contributions of forest industry to South Carolina's economy.