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Programs - SFI - Inconsistent Practices Allegation Procedure

Revised December 2015
South Carolina SIC Procedure for Allegations of Inconsistent Practices
The South Carolina Sustainable Forestry Implementation Committee (SIC) of the SCFA will respond to any allegations of practices inconsistent with Sustainable Forestry Initiative guidelines. This program is initiated to support Performance Measure 7.3 of the SFI 2015-2019 Fiber Sourcing Standard and Performance Measure 12.3 of the SFI 2015-2019 Forest Management Standard. These Measures require Program Participants to “establish…procedures to address concerns…regarding practices that appear inconsistent with the SFI…Standard principles and objectives.”
The Committee will promote contacting the SIC coordinator by phone, email, or in writing for reporting practices that may be inconsistent with SFI guidelines. Contact information may be advertised in the Carolina Forestry Journal and similar publications, and distributed to landowners, loggers, and others via brochures, flyers, and personal contact. The SIC coordinator may be reached at:
SIC Coordinator
SC Forestry Association
PO Box 21303
Columbia, SC 29221
(803) 798-4170
All complaints will be handled with complete confidentiality. No information about the complainant will be released, nor will records of the complainant’s identity be kept. In addition, the specific target of the complaint will remain anonymous to other SFI member companies. Anonymous complaints will be handled in the same manner, except that follow-up with the complainant will not be possible.
The following procedure will be used for handling any allegations of inconsistent practices:
1. SIC coordinator receives allegation by phone, email, or other notification from complainant or from SC Forestry Commission BMP program staff.
2. SIC coordinator notifies SIC chairman and Inconsistent Practices subcommittee chair that an allegation has been received.
3. If the complaint is related to water quality it will be referred to SC Forestry Commission staff for resolution.
a. SCFC will determine whether a water quality problem exists, and work with responsible party to take corrective action as needed.
b. If corrective action is not satisfactory, responsible party will be reported to SC Department of Health and Environmental Control, US Army Corps of Engineers, or other regulatory agency as appropriate.
c. SCFC will notify SIC chairman of determination and action taken.
4. If complaint is determined to be a valid SFI concern involving a Program Participant, the SIC coordinator will contact appropriate company representative(s) for resolution.
5. If the complaint is not satisfactorily resolved or resolution is limited by legal constraints the issue will be handled in accordance with Section 11, SFI 2015-2019 Standards and Rules covering Public Inquiries and Official Complaints, including referral to the SFI ILO Task Force.