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  4901 Broad River Road

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SC FORPAC - South Carolina Forestry Political Action Committee

The South Carolina Forestry Political Action Committee is an independent, non-partisan organization of individuals and entities primarily interested in the future welfare of SC forestry and state legislation affecting it.  It is not a branch or subsidiary of any national or other political action committee.  It is registered with the state Ethics Commission and operates in strict conformity with the laws of South Carolina.

What does SC FORPAC do?

SC FORPAC provides individuals and companies an effective means for involvement in the political process. SC FORPAC provides support to selected candidates for Governor, Lt. Governor, constitutional officers, and the SC Legislature.

Who runs it?

A diverse group of volunteers representing forestry in the three regions of the state.

Who receives funds?

SC FORPAC Directors meet and determine candidates who will receive contributions based on several factors, including their support of South Carolina forestry, position on key issues and, in the case of incumbents, previous voting record. Candidate recommendations by SC FORPAC members are encouraged and transmitted through Directors.

Why should I contribute?

Your support of SC FORPAC helps ensure pro-forestry policy decisions.

SC FORPAC Directors

Dr. A. G. Burris

Johney L. Haralson

Angus B. Lafaye

Dr. Walt A. McPhail

Hank C. Scott

Dwight L. Stewart

J. Joe Young

To learn more, download the SC FORPAC Brochure.