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SFI Training Standards

Requirements to be SFISM trained in SC

Individuals must complete the SC Forestry Association’s two-day Timber Operations Professional (TOP) Program to earn recognition as SFI Trained.  Comparable programs from other states may be substituted if approved.

SFI Training Standards for South Carolina


To establish a statewide standard for loggers, foresters, and others in the forestry community to meet SFI Inc.’s training and education requirements.


SCFA's TOP Committee has the responsibility to develop “objective criteria to determine qualifications for an SFI ‘trained’ logger/forester.”

The SC SFI Training Standards are intended to help fulfill Objective 16 (Training and Education) and Objective 20 (Management Review & Continual Improvement) of the SFI 2010-2014 Standard.


Individuals will be recognized as SFI Trained upon completion of the full two-day TOP Program. 

In the event that an individual recognized as SFI Trained by the SC Forestry Association’s SFI State Implementation Committee (SIC) does not fulfill the SC guidelines for continuing education before the end of their valid trained date, that individual will no longer be considered SFI Trained.

If SFI Trained status has lapsed, the individual must re-earn their status by completing a course approved as meeting SFI Inc. guidelines for logger training and education (e.g. the two-day TOP Program).


A database of SFI Trained individuals and continuing education will be maintained by SCFA.  


A current listing (Directory) of SFI Trained individuals will be maintained on the SC Forestry Association’s website.  The Directory will list name, company, city, and state of the individual trained and the year through which SFI Trained status is active.  If an individual does not complete continuing education requirements and SFI Trained status lapses, they will be removed from the Directory.

Promotion of SFI Trained Individuals

Recognition of SFI Trained status acknowledges an individual's commitment to advance the logging profession in SC through training and education.  However, SFI Trained status should not be construed as a certification, licensing, or accreditation program.

NOTE: "Sustainable Forestry Initiative" and "SFI" are registered marks of Sustainable Forestry Initiative, Inc.