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Timber: #1 Cash Crop
90,000 Jobs

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MARKING A MILESTONE:  During 2018, our Forestry Association celebrates 50 years of service. Throughout the year, we’ll be featuring old snapshots and details of our rich history via facebook posts, upcoming issues of the Carolina Forestry Journal, and other platforms. Our Annual Meeting Committee is also identifying program speakers/sessions and events to help us properly mark this milestone.

The FORESTRY ASSOCIATION’S ad is included on page 28 of the  2018 ASCEND magazine -- the annual publication of the SC Chamber of Commerce.

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The FORESTRY ASSOCIATION of South Carolina is a private, non-profit organization of individuals and companies dedicated to forest conservation and the sustainable use of natural resources.

The Forestry Association  represents landowners, pulp and paper mills, lumber mills, wood processors, logging companies, foresters, sportsmen and hunt clubs. The Association advocates for a business friendly climate for our landowners and forest industry while promoting conservation and sustainability of South Carolina's forests.

We proudly serve 2,500 members and trained timber professionals who grow, manage, harvest, and process the forest resource.


To maintain and secure adoption of local, state, and federal policies that encourage management, utilization, and conservation of forest resources while maintaining or strengthening the pro-business climate for the wood and paper products industry.


Sustainable forests that provide social, economic, and environmental benefits.

SC Forestry Facts and Information

The total economic impact of South Carolina's forest industry is more than $21 Billion annually. With a delivered value of $783,894,293, timber is the state’s leading cash crop. 


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The FORESTRY ASSOCIATION’S ad is featured on page 51 of the SC BIZ Winter 2017 issue.