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South Carolina Sustainable Forestry Teachers' Tour

The SC Sustainable Forestry Teachers’ Tour is a professional development course designed for educators seeking a hands-on outdoor learning experience. Selected applicants will visit forests, logging operations, and wood product mills in the area around the chosen Tour location. Our course will give educators a comprehensive overview of SC’s $21 billion forest industry, looking closely at forestry’s economic, environmental, and social impact on our state. You will learn about sustainable forestry practices, conservation, endangered species, careers in forestry - and more - from the experts.

Let nature inspire new teaching methods, recharge your batteries, and foster curiosity by learning how to integrate natural resource conservation into your own classroom.

SC Sustainable Forestry Teachers' Tour

WHEN: June 17-21, 2024.

WHERE: The location of the Tour changes every two years to provide more opportunities for learning a diversity of ecosystems, companies, landscapes, and people! The 2024 Tour will be held in Aiken, SC.

BENEFITS: Accepted participants will receive 6.0 pre-approved CEUs/60 renewal credits, or 3.0 hours of graduate credit. After completing the course, various opportunities and resources will be provided to the Tour graduates, including access to travel grants for class field trips, classroom materials grants, extra classroom materials, and more!

COST: $150 which includes all meals, lodging, materials, and transportation during the tour week.

Applications are now closed for 2024

Teacher's Tour 2021

Help sponsor a teacher to attend/experience the SC Sustainable Forestry Teachers’ Tour.

The SC Sustainable Forestry Teachers’ Tour is a wonderful opportunity to bring our forest industry and SC educators together. The sponsor will be recognized during the tour, and company materials will be provided to the teacher being sponsored. We believe that this opportunity will help educate the those attending the Teachers’ Tour on various entities in the SC forest industry, and connect teachers to our forestry community in a personal way.

To sponsor a teacher, please fill out the sponsor card below. Mailing details are included in the sponsor card. Please contact Emily Oakman, or (803)798-4170, for more information.

Teacher's Tour 2020

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Images from past Teachers' Tours

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  • Beth Foley - 20210624_084552
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  • Beth Foley - 20210624_095918
  • Beth Foley - 20210624_104247
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  • Beth Foley - 20210624_130310
  • Beth Foley - 20210624_185352
  • DJI_0417
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  • Elaine Rankin - 9DBF6942-441C-4383-BF35-5EECE0836D23
  • Elaine Rankin - 12CADB6A-3F0D-46AB-BE68-B3EB9DBB0C73
  • Elaine Rankin - 24825CD8-BCE7-4A0E-91E3-72944E81A05E
  • Elaine Rankin - 89299C34-5379-486E-9B02-47249F3F379E
  • Elaine Rankin - F73FAA37-EEBD-458A-89CA-55F515ADF51C
  • Josh - 98A6664F-298F-4F5F-A367-C274D2732576
  • Josh Castleberry - 68B0372B-DEDF-4049-97B1-0AB402BAEE2C
  • Tami - E35804DD-D078-4F9F-9A94-33A55EBFB765
  • Wesley Gray - 20210624_181416
  • 20210625_102205
  • 20210625_102241
  • 20210625_102917

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Additional resources can be found on the SC Forestry Commission’s Teachers’ Tour website

FOR MORE INFORMATION Contact: Emily C. Oakman, the Forestry Association's Director of Landowner Outreach, Forestry Education and Programs, at 803-798-4170 or

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