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The TOP Program - Timber Operations Professional Program

The Timber Operations Professional (TOP) Program is the Forestry Association of South Carolina’s commitment to raising the professional standard of timber harvesting. TOP is designed to improve safety, efficiency, and environmental protection. The TOP Program meets the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Program standards to be recognized as a Qualified Logging Professional.

The TOP Initial Training course and TOP Update annual continuing education provide the latest information on timber harvesting, safety, business and environmental regulations. The program is tailored primarily for loggers, job foreman, site preparation contractors, foresters and procurement managers.

How to Be TOP Trained

In order to become TOP Trained in South Carolina, an individual must successfully complete the TOP Initial Training course. Upon completion, the individual will need to maintain his or her status by fulfilling two annual requirements:

  1. All participants will be required to view the most current TOP Update Video. Viewing sessions will be offered and coordinated by approved facilitators. Please contact your mill representative, forester or procurement manager for specific details about training events. For more information on upcoming classes and training events, please check our calendar.
  2. All participants will pay an $80 annual fee to maintain current TOP Trained status. The TOP Committee will use these fees to pay for video production costs and various program expenses.

TOP Initial

TOP Initial Training Course Information

TOP Update

TOP Annual Update for Continuing Education

TOP Trained Lists

TOP Trained Lists by Name and Company

TOP Reinstatement Procedure

If you allow your TOP Trained status to expire on June 30, you may be reinstated within one year by making up any missed training and/or renewal payments. After being expired for more than one year you must repeat the TOP Initial class to be considered TOP Trained.

Additional Resources

TOP Reference Manual with Safety Guide
The Logger Safety Guide

OSHA Standard 1910.1030 [Bloodborne Pathogens]
Sample TOP Initial Training Agenda

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