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TOP 2-Day Training

The TOP 2-Day class is the initial training that serves as an entry-point to being TOP Trained.

TOP 2 Day Upcoming Classes

2020 classes are being planned now, expect dates for two classes to be announced in the months ahead. One class likely April/May and a second class September/October in Columbia SC.

TOP Update

The TOP Update is the annual continuing education requirement for TOP trained individuals. Beginning in the training cycle (July 1- June 30 each year) after completing the TOP 2-Day class, participants must take the TOP Update and pay an $80 annual fee by June 30 each year to maintain their TOP trained status.

The TOP Update is a facilitated video-based class that will normally take about 2-3 hours. The Update can be facilitated by any SC Registered Forester and is often offered by mills and wood dealers for their wood suppliers and contractors.

2020 TOP Update

  • Many mills, wood dealers, and others will host TOP Update classes -- check with your wood supply contacts for information about upcoming training.
  • The Forestry Association and SC Forestry Commission will host a number of training classes which will be posted here as they are scheduled.
  • The 2020 TOP Update will be available no later than January 3, 2020.

Scheduled TOP Updates

Classes for the 2020 Update will be listed here.

Questions? Contact TOP Director Guy Sabin at or 803-798-4170.

TOP Trained

These listings recognize those individuals who are currently TOP Trained and in the Forestry Association of SC's Timber Operations Professional Program. These lists are updated frequently throughout the year. (Last updated 11/12/19)

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